Roland Racing Teams give their best on track

The past weekend, Roland DG participated in a company karting event in Herentals (Belgium). Three extremely motivated Roland Racing Teams were keen on performing better than they did the past years. Unfortunately, no Roland team reached the top 5.

The company karting trophy was organised for the third time in Herentals (Belgium). Spread over the two days, 66 teams - consisting of almost 400 drivers - raced on the 1.5 km long track. Roland DG participated with three teams: two men’s teams and one women’s team. All teams set the goal to perform better than in the past. Although the competition was fierce, every team reached this goal. The Roland Racing Ladies finished honourably last but one and the two men’s teams raced for the 12th and 13th place. Eventually, they finished with a difference of only 20 seconds. Wastiau won the trophy; Praxis and Fim finished respectively second and third.

Roland DG is very satisfied about the teambuilding. Technical Desk Coordinator Stijn Heylen: “We’ve all done our very best. Everybody was extremely motivated and the competition among our two men’s teams generated some more excitement and enthusiasm. Other drivers were also very sportsmanlike, which we liked a lot. In sum, the atmosphere was great!”